Christo Cinematic Terms & Conditions

Client agrees to the following:

Definition of Terms

Client agrees to pay Christo Cinematic the agreed amount as shown on the contract document. (Make checks payable to Stephen Christo) for services and items, of which a non-refundable and non-transferable (should services be cancelled by client) retainer of 25% of total cost is due or as indicated on the contract. Once the initial retainer is received, the wedding date will officially be reserved and placed on Christo Cinematic calendar. The balance (plus Florida sales tax) is due no later than one month prior to the event date, or on the date agreed upon as described on the contract document. It’s at this time we will finalize the timeline and final details of the day.

Contract and Retainer should be mailed to: 

Christo Cinematic

Stephen Christo

1920 E Edgewood Drive #I-6

Lakeland, FL 33803

Description of Services

The services that Christo Cinematic will provide includes documenting the events of the event day to the best of our ability. The video footage to be used in the final video will been included at the discretion of Christo Cinematic. Christo Cinematic is not liable for video footage not included in the final video if not indicated in the video questionnaire which will be emailed to the client within 30 days of the event date. Please understand that this is a live event. Due to the nature of events such as weddings etc. Christo Cinematic does not guarantee that specific people or events will be captured or included in your video, but it is our goal to go above and beyond to capture as much as possible, moments throughout your special day.

Creative Freedom  

Our primary goal is your satisfaction. Client grants Christo Cinematic full production and creative license to film and edit all videos, including the full length and/or highlight video(s) based on our style without the option for a re-editing request by Client, unless there are obvious errors with DVD/Flash drive playback or grammatical errors. Requested edits by client to the final video are subject to approval by Christo Cinematic and a fee of $100 per video clip changed and the cost of each additional DVD/Flash drive purchased. All changes and/or errors must be submitted within 30 days of receiving the completed video. Please understand that this is a creative piece of work and refunds will not be given due to your opinion of the video. No two wedding or event videos will be exactly the same; therefore, the length of each video will vary.


Client understands that this package is subject to having a separate Cinematographer other than Christo Cinematic primary Cinematographer/owner, Stephen Christo, at their event. The client also understands that our associate Cinematographers are trained in our advertised style and filming of weddings and events. It is understood that Christo Cinematic is the exclusive official Cinematographer and all others videotaping may do so only at the discretion of Christo Cinematic in order to prevent missed moments due to interruptions.

Meals Provided

It is asked that 2 meals are provided for Christo Cinematic (Stephen plus assistant/2nd Shooter) if wedding or event duration is longer than 5 hours, and allowed reasonable time for eating. Such meals need to be provided for the Cinematographer(s) during the meal time, leaving Cinematographer(s) with enough time to eat before shooting resumes. Christo Cinematic is not liable for any impromptu events happening during dinner in the case where Cinematographer(s) aren’t seated in the same room as the guests.

 Venue Regulation on Cinematography

It is understood that the Client is hiring Christo Cinematic for his technical and artistic expertise and, therefore, Christo Cinematic reserves the right to shoot and edit at his discretion. It is the responsibility of the Client to secure permission for Christo Cinematic to shoot in your desired locations. The payments rendered are non-refundable if such officials, rules or regulations prevent filming. Christo Cinematic will adhere to the rules and standards of the church/synagogue/venue, in regards to camera placement and restrictions at the ceremony. We cannot guarantee unobstructed shots due to any limitation imposed by registrars, ministers and venue management as to what can and cannot be done. In our experience thus far, we’ve had very little limitations.

Copyright, Usage and Archiving

The signing of the contract by the client constitutes a commercial model release by the Clients to Christo Cinematic.  Christo Cinematic reserves all rights to the video production and may use original and/or duplicate video clip(s) for demonstration, publication, promotional or other purposes without further release. Original footage and copyrights remain the exclusive property of Christo Cinematic. UNAUTHORIZED duplication and/or reproduction of the completed video are a violation of federal copyright laws and are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Full Length Videos are for home sharing only and MUST NOT be uploaded online, or to social media sites including, but not limited to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Vimeo without authorization from Christo Cinematic.  

Christo Cinematic shall be responsible for archiving video footage shot at your wedding or event for a period of 1 year after the event date. Christo Cinematic shall not be held liable for archived video lost due to acts of natural disasters, corrupted files and hard drives, or anything beyond our control. After completion of your video, Christo Cinematic will master the feature video to a digital video file for archiving purposes.  

Once delivered, Christo Cinematic is not liable for destruction or damage of USBs or DVDs owned by client in addition to master files on our local servers in the event of a catastrophe. It is the responsibility of the Client to keep a back-up of the wedding/event video they receive.

Christo Cinematic has the right to refuse to produce any video that could violate libel or copyright laws, or in the course of its production could cause or contribute to bodily injury, death, equipment damage or property damage or destruction.   

MUSIC For Client(s) Video(s)

Featured Video, also referred to as “Full Length Video”.

To avoid any copyright infringement laws, Full length videos are not to be shared on any online platforms due to the fact that unlicensed music may be used. Clients have the option to select the music of their choice to be used in their “Full length video”. Following the date of client’s wedding or event, the client(s) will have up to 30 days in which to provide us “Christo Cinematic”, their music selection choice, which may sometimes include the song files. Music will be used in the client(s) video according to our “Christo Cinematic” editing preference.

If you (the client(s) would like us Christo Cinematic to choose the music for your video(s), then check the appropriate box on the contract page, or by informing us in writing via text or email. Once our music choice have been used in your video, any re-editing due to song replacement will incur a fee of $200 for the first song, and $100 thereafter for each additional song, including the cost of extra Flash drive and shipping if applicable.

If music is not provided by the client(s) in 30 days following their wedding or event date, Christo Cinematic reserves the right to use music of our choice in the client(s) video(s). Any re-editing due to song replacement will incur a fee of $200 for the first song, and $100 thereafter for each additional song, including the cost of extra Flash drive and shipping if applicable.

These conditions are in place to minimize any delay in providing you the client(s), your completed video(s) following your event in a timely manner which is currently six to eight weeks from the date we receive your music selection, as well as to prevent any delay for other clients thereafter.

Highlight Video For Online Viewing & Sharing

Our Highlight Videos only include licensed music which will be provided by Christo Cinematic in order to avoid violating any copyright infringement laws. Christo Cinematic reserves the right to choose the music for the Highlight video. A Highlight video is typically completed in two weeks following the completion of the Full length video.

Product, Pricing and Order Fulfillment

The target date for completion and delivery of the feature video is up to 8 weeks after the date of the wedding/event, (if all song choices have been provided by the client to Christo Cinematic, along with any balance payment to be made), and in certain cases the song files.  

Compensation and Fees

An initial retainer payment is due at the execution of this Agreement, which will be applied to the total package price amount and to reserve your wedding/event date with Christo Cinematic. Client’s  payment schedule is as follows: 25% of the total cost is due as a retainer to reserve the date, and the remaining balance of the total package price along with a 7% FL sales tax is due 2 Weeks prior to the wedding/event. Any additional coverage and/or a la carte choices made after the initial contract signing and package purchase will be added to the existing total on this contract, and will be due 2 weeks prior to the wedding/event. The specific amount due to Christo Cinematic for services is specified on the contract document, and reflects all services agreed on by Client and Christo Cinematic for the wedding/event. The amount due shall be paid in full prior to delivery of any part thereof.  Should the client request additional hours of service on the date of the wedding/event, we will do our very best to accommodate such request.   

Your wedding/event video will be provided on a USB Drive. Additional copies can be purchased for $50.00 each. Upon your signature, Christo Cinematic will reserve the time and date agreed upon. For this reason, a non-refundable retainer must be received before we can reserve your date. We will not begin filming until the balance is paid in full, unless other arrangements have been made and agreed upon with Christo Cinematic in writing.

Destination Wedding/Event Travel Accommodations

If applicable, Christo Cinematic will book Cinematographer’s travel accommodations. Christo Cinematic will consider options offered by Client as long as the Client provides these options to Christo Cinematic at the time of booking or within thirty (30) days of booking Christo Cinematic for your wedding/event. As indicated below, Client shall be responsible for payment of travel fees and accommodations should overnight stays be necessary. Any additional fees incurred for the purpose of wedding or event will be billed after such date.

For filming outside of Lakeland, Florida city limits, our standard travel cost is $50. We require a travel expense of $0.50 cents per mile driven beyond 100 miles roundtrip of downtown Lakeland, FL. Any wedding/event more than 120 miles away from Lakeland, Florida is subject to a one (1) night hotel stay. For any wedding/event more than 240 miles away from Lakeland, Florida may require two (2) nights hotel stay for Cinematographers. Any overnight trip will also include a $50/day food per diem, per Cinematographer.    


If the Client herein cancels the wedding/event video services for any reason, any fees paid at the time of cancellation (even if the balance is paid in full) are NONREFUNDABLE. If the wedding/event is cancelled, The Client must notify Christo Cinematic of his/her desire to cancel the contract, and upon receipt of that information Christo Cinematic will cancel all remaining services. Otherwise, the client shall be responsible for the payment schedule as set forth above. This cancellation letter must be written and signed by both bride and groom, or Client 1 & Client 2. Any wedding/event canceled within 6 months of event date, and not rescheduled, the client will be responsible for paying half of the remaining balance. Any canceled wedding/event that is rescheduled to a later date will be subject to availability. If Christo Cinematic is unavailable to shoot on the rescheduled date, any payments made prior are non-refundable and attempted within 6 months of event date; you will be responsible for paying half of the remaining balance from the original date booked.

If Christo Cinematic cancels the contract due to non-compliant Client (Client violates any terms of the Contract), or incompatibility between Client and Christo Cinematic, please understand that any fees paid for services/products already completed will not be refunded. If the wedding or event was canceled and work was already performed by Christo Cinematic even if it was a bonus incorporated into the package, such work must be paid for by the client. For example, if you received a free Love Story with your package and the video shoot was completed, then the wedding was cancelled, the full cost of the Love Story must be paid for by the client.   

Any failure to make timely payments may result in cancellation of the contract by Christo Cinematic. Christo Cinematic will make every attempt to provide notice to Client before cancellation occurs.

Limitation of Liability

Christo Cinematic is not held liable for emotional damages in the event that we are unable to perform services in any capacity agreed upon due to unforeseen emergencies. We are not liable for a cancellation of an indoor/outdoor wedding due to inclement weather, snowstorms, tornadoes, etc… In circumstances beyond our control where Cinematographers hired will not be able to attend reserved wedding date, such as an illness or family emergency; you agree to allow Christo Cinematic to hire another one of our professionally trained Cinematographers to fulfill the agreement. 

If, while filming your event, a memory card becomes corrupt or partial footage is lost, you will not receive a full refund. Once again, this is a live event and the nature of the digital world that we live in. At the discretion of Christo Cinematic we will determine, based on your package purchased, if a portion of that package qualifies for a refund, or we will provide you with other options in the editing room, should the problem arise. Please keep in mind; we use multiple cameras to minimize any loss of footage throughout the event.

Waiver of claims seeking damages beyond refund of fees paid to Christo Cinematic

Client is not entitled to any additional compensation or relief outside of the amount paid for services, including but not limited to emotional damages or any other equitable remedy, and by signing the contract document, Client acknowledges the waiver of any claim.

Due to the uncontrolled nature of live events such as weddings, the Cinematographer(s) cannot guarantee delivery of any specifically requested video footage except for video recordings made under such conditions that the Cinematographer(s) have complete control over. All variables which contribute to the production of a video include but are not limited to, lighting, subject position, and distance to camera. We cannot guarantee unobstructed shots due to the set up of your location and/or limited mobility. Additionally, the Cinematographer(s) cannot be responsible for the effects of the subjects’ physical appearance, including body position, facial expressions, verbal stuttering, blinking or clothing. The Cinematographer(s) cannot be responsible for the effects of environmental conditions, including, but not limited to, weather conditions, temperature, existing lighting or aesthetics of the shoot location.


This Agreement incorporates the entire understanding of the client(s), to all its terms, and acknowledges receipt of a completed copy of the Agreement signed by Client(s) involved. What is in writing in this agreement between Christo Cinematic and the paying client is the only agreement. No oral agreements outside of this document are legal and binding. To make changes, the client must send, in writing, any additional changes prior to event date, and must receive a signed acknowledgement of the change(s) from Stephen Christo by email.

Pricing and Payment Policy

Payments made before the Wedding date shall be defined as “Retainer(s)” and are non-refundable upon cancellation of the Wedding/event, but may be re-applied subject to availability if the wedding/event is rescheduled. Canceled weddings/events must be rescheduled within 60 days of notice of cancellation in order to re-apply retainer(s). Any discounts will be applied at the time of purchase.


This Terms & Conditions is incorporated with the contract document, and the entire understanding of the parties.

The Terms and Conditions set forth in this document is part of the contract which you have received. Your signature on the contract indicated your acknowledgement and acceptance of this said “Terms & Conditions” document.

Should you have any question(s) for Christo Cinematic pertaining to any part of this document, please email me at

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